Milan, April 8th, 2015

And SELECTION EVENT, April 18th and 19th - Mocauto Center, Milano

The highly successful Donnavventura TV series covering the Atlantic Ocean Grand Raid has just been aired on Italian channel Rete4. Still, the Donnavventura production team is already swamped with brand new, exciting productions and projects.

2015 is very special as it celebrates 25 years of Donnavventura raids and it’s also the time for EXPO to take place in Milan, Italy. Under the patronage of EXPO 2015, Women for EXPO and Padiglione Italia, Donnavventura will hit a special TV episode entirely dedicated to this outstanding International exhibition.
We’re talking about a multiethnic group of youg women, led by two legendary Donnavventura protagonists: Ana, the leader, and Chiara, the main author covering Milan and its food traditions.
The county seat of Lombardy region will thus be “seen” and “tasted” through the multiethnic group of young explorers.

The special TV episode will be aired on Italian channel RETE4 on the very first Sunday of EXPO – May 3rd – at 3.50 PM. A special preview will be made available on TGCom24.com.

The protagonists of this special TV episode will be selected through the usual set of screenings and interviews, in partnership with MOCAUTO Group and RICOLA.
So, the “MOCAUTO DAY” event, to be held on April 18th and 19th on via dei Missaglia 89, in Milan, will host the above mentioned selection sessions. RICOLA and its typical yellow igloos will provide shelter and tasty samples of award-winning herbal teas, served hot and cold.

The acclaimed “Capsule Collection” look of the Donnavventura personnel will be offered, once again, by the legendary partner Alviero Martini 1A CLASSE. Such fashion creations are, in fact, designed and customised for each single Donnavventura adventure, ranging from clothes to travel accessories and footwear.

The whole production staff, icnluding Donnavventura veterans and travelling cameramen, will attend this unmissable two-day event.

All the applicants will have to prove their skills also tackling a pretty intense test-drive, while their families and friends will be offered the chance to get themselves busy with exciting side activities. Amongst relatives and escorts, a couple of impromptu travel reporters will be chosen by Hotelplan, Canon and SanDisk: they’ll then have to travel to a European capital city and produce a comprehensive report!

A special “MammAvventura” booth will be featured as well at the above mentioned two-day event. Such a thrilling weekend awaits then, for all the family!

DONNAVVENTURA®, is the exciting TV format entirely dedicated to young women travelling and reporting about the most fascinating and remote corners of the world. It’s also a one-in-a-lifetime chance to become a true travel reporter.

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