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Nicknamed “Red” or “Georgette” is 24 and was born in Rome, Italy. She studies Education Sciences at university and she’d like to manage her own kindergarten, anywhere in the world!
She never leaves home without her camera and she simply loves to take pictures of anything she may come across during any kind of trip or travel. She is particularly fond of wild nature and animals and she dreams about visiting Australia and New Zealand. Giorgia is a witty character, extremely lively, outreaching. Talkative and friendly. She is also quite sporty and capable of quickly coping and adapting to any new situation. The only things she is currently dreading about the forthcoming Donnavventura expedition are the inevitable lack of her favourite food (chocolate spread) and hot milk for breakfast (she absolutely despises it!).

The travel reports of Giorgia

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Title: Scheda di Giorgia