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  • What do I need to become a Donnavventura?
    To find out about all the required pre-requisites for application, please visit the “ideal Donnavventura’s profile” on this website. If you realize you’ve got what it takes to become a Donnavventura, do not hesitate any further: fill the application form and submit it right away!

  • How to participate
    To participate, simply create your DONNAVVENTURA profile in the “Join Donnavventura” section of this website .
    Fill in the survey and do not forget to submit also a recent and good quality close-up of yourself, in digital format. You will soon start to receive news and infos about DONNAVVENTURA and the next selection events.

  • Is it mandatory to submit a photograph?
    Yes, it is. Please make sure to post also a good quality close-up of yourself. If you fail to attach it your application will not be considered valid.

  • Can I e-mail you my close-up picture?
    No, you can't. The picture has to be attached to the "JOIN" page form on the official Donnavventura's website or uploaded in your profile section. If you send your photograph by any other mean (by post or e-mail), it will be discarded.

  • Can I e-mail you my resume?
    No you can't, as we do not need your resume.

  • Is there any limit of age to apply for Donnavventura?
    There is no limit of age to apply for Donnavventura.
    What is really important is your willpower and positive energy to accept any challenge and master every contingency with courage and determination.

  • Do I need to have a driving licence?
    Yes, you do. A valid "B-type" driving licence, issued at least one year ago, is mandatory for applying.

  • Do I need to have a passport?
    Yes you do. An Italian passport, valid for at least another 12 months, is mandatory for applying.

  • Is it possible to apply to Donnavventura with a foreign passport?
    Any foreign passport application will be dealt with according to the Donnavventura expedition current itinerary.

  • Should I be a model to apply for Donnavventura?
    Again, the answer is NO! Needless to say it’s important to be photogenic, but the real Donnavventura is not a fashion model. She is a master of many trades, including driving and entertaining any kind of audience, with sufficient skills and attitudes to cope with any unexpected situation and much more.

  • Can journalists apply?
    As already mentioned in the official regulations, journalists can not apply.

  • Can I apply if I suffer from any allergy or food intolerance?
    You should not suffer from any allergy or food intolerance, if you wanted to successfully apply. For example, you should not even be a strict vegetarian, as the members of the expedition team have to thoroughly investigate and taste the local food in many international environment along their journey.

  • Should a Donnavventura pay for any part of the trip?
    Absolutely NOT! The event organizers offer all the accommodation, meals and travel expenses.

  • Where and when will the next selections take place?
    The next selections venues have not been organized nor scheduled yet.
    Usually selections always take place in Spring, in order to identify the best team, which will then leave at the end of the following Summer for the actual expedition.

  • How may I check the status of my application and a possible selection?
    Don’t worry, simply check the notices published on the website on regular basis.
    If you meet the mandatory Donnavvenura’s requisites and features, the selection organizers will promptly contact you.

  • Can I attend the selection events if I am not invited?
    No, you can't. Only the officially invited applicants can attend the selection events, on specific days and at specific times.

  • Is anybody or any other organization in charge of the selections?
    No, there isn't. Only the Donnavventura Press Office is in charge of this matter and will exclusively organize, arrange and publicize all the official selection events and any other related promotion or outreaching effort.
    All this information will be published on the official Donnavventura website.

  • When will my application expire?
    Unless you specifically request it, your application will never expire.

  • Do I really have to read the Official Regulations in details?
    Yes, you do. You really have to thoroughly read the Official Regulations as they appear on the official Donnavventura website.

  • What is the destination of the next Donnavventura expedition?
    The next destination has not yet been decided.
    We need your help to choose the best dreamed-of location, therefore please click on “Vote the destination” and express your preference about your ideal adventure land.

  • Where can I buy the official Donnavventura clothing?
    The BOUTIQUE section of the official Donnavventura website is where you can buy all the official expedition clothing and merchandise.

  • What is the official music theme of Donnvventura?
    The “legendary” main theme is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow - What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole.