Any candidate decides participation to “DONNAVVENTURA” expedition autonomously and in free will.

The DONNAVVENTURA candidates must be fully aware of the nature of the expedition, which is of an adventurous/explorative kind, and of its main purpose: to produce a documentary TV show and photographic and journalistic reports covering the locations visited and the whole travelling experience.

To guarantee a successful outcome, every participant must follow and respect all the official rules of behaviour mentioned below, which have been created to facilitate and emphasize the importance of teamwork, respectful coexistence and continuous cooperation between all the participants to the expedition.

1. Each single DONNAVVENTURA protagonist (from now on referred to as DA) is fully responsible for having in her possession, at all times, valid personal identification documents (Passport and Driving licence), expiring not sooner than 12 months after the already scheduled end of the expedition. The above-mentioned documents must be carried along during the entire expedition and also during any type of excursion, either previously scheduled or not.
2. Before embarking on the expedition, each DA must officially sign the personal liability assumption form, becoming the sole person responsible and liable for any risk, injury or accident related to this kind of adventurous travel. Each DA will receive comprehensive information about all the risks involved from the event organizer and will have to read and understand all these official regulations, before signing the above mentioned liability assumption form.
3. Regarding the above mentioned risks, the event organizer offers a wide choice of proper, official personal insurance policies, available from suggested insurance companies (the full text and clauses of these policies are available for reference, before the official stipulation) and does also suggest further integrative policies with any other insurance company.
4. During the entire expedition, each DA will have to perform a wide range of extreme physical activities, often in hostile environments with harsh climate. Therefore, each DA must present the event organizer with an official medical certificate of good health; furthermore each DA must not be affected by any type of allergy/intolerance, which may seriously hamper her participation to the expedition, also in regard of the different types of food, and the different living environments of each location visited.
5. The above-mentioned conditions of good health are a mandatory requisite to be allowed to become a member of the expedition team.
6. Before embarking on the expedition, each single DA must take all the necessary vaccinations as per official guidance and recommendation of the Italian Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Istituto di Igiene), for all the international locations to be visited. Each DA will also have to have in her possession, at all times, her personal health card and her blood type information. Each DA must be fully aware of all the health-related risks as well.
7. The event’s purpose is to record photo and video documentaries of the entire expedition, to be used by the event organizer Sanmarco and/or by its Sponsors and Partners (please refer to the full list at www.donnavventura.com), for the production of TV programs, journalistic reports and any other initiative/promotion related to the Donnavventura format. In fact, each DA will act as the official reporter for different magazines and radio networks. Performing and acting as an official reporter, on daily basis, each DA will have to:

a. Produce her own travel report
b. Produce specific reports suggested by the expedition leader (the weekly report may be transmitted by the expedition leader to the editorial management for unrestricted circulation).

c. Take photos and record videos, following the instructions received by the expedition leader.
d. Perform a selection of all the photographs taken each day.
e. Perform a selection of the footage recorded each day (medialog).
f. Participate to the travel logbook recording.
g. Record logistic information (e.g.: mileage driven, fuel consumption, visited locations, etc.)
h. Familiarize with the next day’s itinerary and locations, using the available reference material.
i. Gather comprehensive information about each location/stage of the itinerary to be introduced and dealt with in front of the camera.

8. On monthly basis, each DA will have to:
a. Produce a new travel report, different from the weekly ones.

9. Journalists can NOT apply, nor be selected as members of any Donnavventura expedition. Upon applying each applicant will be fully responsible for truthfully declaring that she is not related, nor works for any press agency, newspaper, magazine, press syndicate, etc. as a free-lance or full-time journalist, correspondent, reporter, photographer, etc. Any journalist will be immediately expelled also from the expedition team, if found guilty of not having stated the truth.

10. Starting from the selection events in Italy, each DA will have to be reachable at a specific, personal telephone number which may given by the editorial management to any journalist who would like to either, interview the DA or ask for specific information.
11. After the final selection event Donnavventura will organize a special training week; when this training period is over, Donnavventura will officially release the names of the selected members of the expedition team and their departure schedule.
12. The expedition will leave from an Italian airport in Milan or Rome. All the participants must reach this airport at their own expenses and by personal transportation.
13. Upon departure, the DAs will receive a complete set of luggage, clothing and accessories, which must be returned in full, no later than 10 days after their return to Italy.
14. The DAs will also receive professional and technological tools and items, like laptop computers, GPS navigators, video and photographic equipment, portable radios, torches, batteries, etc. All these items must have been familiarized with before departing for the expedition. The DAs will be held fully responsible for any loss, damage and improper use of this equipment.
15. As a rule, cell phones are confiscated upon departure, at the airport. The expedition leader will be responsible for their safekeeping during the expedition. Each personal cell phone will be temporarily returned to its owner once a month (the very first time after exactly one month of the expedition), for only fifteen minutes and in front of the video camera: any phone call made may be broadcasted unrestrictedly trough TV or Radio networks.
16. The use of cell phones and/or Internet is absolutely forbidden for the entire duration of the expedition. Any temporary exception, previously authorized by the expedition leader, will always take place in front of the video camera. The expedition leader has the undisputed right to eliminate and send back to Italy any DA who contravenes this rule.
17. It’s absolutely forbidden to receive any kind of phone call (at hotels, public places and in any circumstance). The expedition leader is always in contact with Italy and is reachable and available every 48 hours (within a maximum of 60 hours) for any emergency contact – family relatives in Italy will be given a special emergency telephone number, active 24/7.
18. Each DA will have to follow the dress code given on each single day by the expedition leader, using the clothing previously received (refer to point 14).
19. DAs will be provided with a small, carryall bag, since it will not be always possible to remove the entire luggage from the vehicles, during each stop.
20. It’s absolutely forbidden to use any personal item or accessory not branded according to the expedition’s sponsorships, like purses, footwear, foulards, socks (not even during the night!)
21. In particular, the only allowed type of sunglasses will be the one officially supplied by the event organizer.
22. The only allowed wristwatches will be the ones officially supplied by the event organizer.
23. The only allowed necklaces, pendants and jewelry will be the ones officially supplied by the event organizer.
24. Earrings and piercing items/jewelry are strictly forbidden.
25. Punctuality is strictly enforced and requested. No kind of rest or leave is either scheduled or granted, but for exceptions previously discussed and authorized by the expedition leader.
26. Any meal taken by the entire team will be previously decided and selected by the expedition leader. Food preferences will not be allowed, nor granted. Therefore, any type of food allergy/intolerance must not affect the DAs.
27. During the entire expedition no food is allowed while traveling (including snacks).
28. Any type of liquor or alcoholic drink is absolutely forbidden during the entire expedition. Wine and beer may be occasionally authorized and served at dinner by the expedition leader, if no driving is scheduled in the next hours.
29. During any official lunch or dinner with journalists or special guests, the expedition leader will make seating arrangements – in any case DAs will not sit adjacent to each other.
30. The use of portable radios is intended and allowed only for needs and purposes related to the expedition. Any abuse is strictly forbidden. Portable radios must not be used while driving: upon receiving a call, only the navigator is allowed to answer. The radio on the vehicle will have to be turned and kept on at all times while on board. Upon leaving the vehicle one of the two portable radios supplied will have to be turned and kept on.
31. Each DA will be responsible for fully recharging all the batteries used by her equipment. No excuses are accepted.
32. Thorough care and maintenance of the expedition vehicles is required. DAs will also be responsible for keeping the vehicle clean and tidy.
33. At the end of each day, each crew will have to perform a thorough cleaning of its vehicle, internally and externally. Even if a vehicle is not used on a particular day, its crew will still have to perform regular checks and maintenance operations to ensure the vehicle’s efficiency. These checks will include cleaning, payload and rooftop racks fastening, tires pressure, oil and water levels, filters, accessories, etc. – any anomaly must be immediately reported to the expedition leader.
34. According to daily instructions given by the expedition leader, driving shifts and night accommodations shifts will be arranged.
35. While driving the use of safety belts is always mandatory! Convoy movement and vehicle order (A-B-C-D-) must be respected at all times, while keeping equal safety distance between cars and headlights always on. DAs will be responsible for regularly checking the fuel level and promptly reporting any alarm or anomaly to the expedition leader. Any vehicle must never leave the convoy, nor take different routes alone, but for exceptional occasions, discussed and authorized by the expedition leader.
36. Each DA will be held responsible for any damage to the vehicle, caused by negligence or carelessness.
37. Smoking is prohibited during the entire expedition, starting from its very departure day.
38. The expedition leader will assign to each DA the daily tasks and the evening computer-aided duties.
39. Frequent briefings and group meetings will be held throughout the day, for instructions and tasks updates.
40. Failing to comply and/or fulfill any of the above mentioned regulations and duties would cause immediate elimination, decided autonomously by the expedition leader. This will also lead to immediate return to Italy and team member replacement within the time required by the event organization.
41. Should any DA realize she might not be able to comply, nor follow all the official regulations, the expedition leader will have to be promptly informed. The latter will take care of returning the DA to Italy and organize for her replacement.
42. Elimination from the expedition may take place not only for any violation of the official regulations, but also following a direct, personal request from any team member who would like to quit.
43. The event organization will also select some candidates to be kept in reserve – these candidates may subsequently join the expedition, should the need for any original team member replacement arise.
44. The candidates in reserve must be aware that the need for a replacement may arise at any moment and unexpectedly – candidates in reserve should therefore comply as well with all the same expedition requirements and regulations stated in this document.
45. Accommodation and meals, during the entire expedition, will be offered and funded by the event organization.