The ideal Donnavventura

The ideal DONNAVVENTURA® is a young woman who likes to travel, but who is also ready to live an extraordinary adventure which is much, much more than a simple journey.

Being in good shape, curious, inquisitive and capable to adapt to ever-changing environments and face numberless challenges are the key features required, along with solid organizational/logistics skills and a positive and friendly personality.

The ideal DONNAVVENTURA® has to live for more than 100 days in close contact with all the other members of the expedition, therefore she must be able to respect the strict, but vital rules of behavior applied to the whole team.
She must be aware that the expedition is not an holiday, nor a leisure trip: it’s in fact a brand new “work experience” as a professional reporter, who plays also and active and vital role in the production of the DONNAVVENTURA® TV Show.
That’s why, the ideal DONNAVVENTURA® must be able to comprehensively and thoroughly report about all her incredible travel experiences to a vast audience, through captivating accounts, breath-taking pictures and exciting videoclips. DONNAVVENTURA® has to be lived and experienced, but also told about in all its most unique, fascinating details and atmospheres.

The expedition program has been designed to offer more and more challenging tests along the way to the young reporters, continuously testing their skills and their performances, but also rewarding them with priceless emotions, unforgettable memories and breath-taking sights in faraway, enchanted lands and locations.

Good driving skills are mandatory for these young explorers/reporters: the expedition usually crunches thousands and thousands of miles, along every type of road or terrain, with demanding rythms, typical of sports racing, which include also the intense, required stops for photo and video shootings and editing.

The ideal DONNAVVENTURA® is a “special reporter”: she must be capable of producing good, journalistic reports with solid feature writing skills. Details, sights, sounds and emotions must be put on paper, in order to convey the very same enthusiasm and excitement to the vast audience of the TV Show.
There is no limit of age to become a DONNAVVENTURA®.

A DONNAVVENTURA® has to be photogenic, with a nice and friendly attitude and personality, while definitely not camera-shy! She must be able to spend more than 100 days away from home, from her family and her loved ones, without being able to use her cellphone even for a quick call to her boyfriend – she can be immediately reached in case of emergency, but for the entire duration of the expedition, normal communication will not be allowed!

The ideal DONNEAVVENTURA® never loses heart and never gives up: in every, possible situation and scenario, she faces challenges and always triumphs. Did you heart beat stronger, by reading all this? If so, you are probably a “DONNAVVENTURA®”

So, what are you waiting for? Join Donnavventura,

You could be one of the protagonists of the next expedition and live an “extraordinary esperience”!